With CCi and our National Broker Network, your brand receives a level of service often associated with Fortune 500 CPG programs. The meticulous blend of innovative strategy, breakthrough design, optimal placement, and compelling promotions are all orchestrated with the singular goal of selling more products. Bottom line: we have the teams, talent, and services to accelerate speed-to-market and turn innovative products into long-term brands. CCi’s services include:

Selling. The services we provide are ultimately designed to do one thing: SELL. We get your products in front of the right buyers and sell it. Then we look for new ways to expand sales. This relentless focus on selling is what keeps our customers happy and our business growing.
Retail Branding. Strong sales begin with a strong brand. To this end, we scrutinize your company’s DNA to find the soul of your brand. From here, we create Account-Specific strategies and programs specially tailored to resonate with customers and ring registers.
Merchandising. On a shelf, products either stand out or die out. So to ensure your brand’s success, we develop compelling graphic solutions that distinguish your product and enhance differentiation. Working with carefully selected strategic partners, bdirect merchandising endows products with a commanding presence that arrests attention and initiates sales.
Placement. As trusted advisors to the nation’s top retailers, we can present your products to many of the industry’s most influential buyers. We have the experience to position your products for optimal success while ensuring that these retailers are the right fit for your brand, and vice versa.
Account-Specific Marketing. CCi works closely with the internal marketing departments of our retailers to boost awareness and stimulate sales. These promotions often leverage elements from a brand campaign to enhance brand presence; either at the point-of-sale or in promotional vehicles created by our retailers.
Multi-Channel Marketing. One of the best ways to extend sales is to promote products across a variety of media channels. And from retail, to catalog, to Internet, we have the services you need to generate enhanced revenues. Moreover, our extensive experience makes us a truly collaborative partner in developing the TV, radio, and other marketing channels that drive awareness, keep products fresh, and sell more.
Logistics. World-class marketing means nothing if your products don’t reach the retailer. So to ensure prompt delivery, we can assist with full logistic support. We track POs, call distribution centers, contact DC managers — we do whatever it takes to make sure your products ship accurately and on time.
Life Cycle Management. Our mission is to turn products into household names. We explore every opportunity to generate strong sales — beginning with the initial program launch and continuing throughout the product’s full life cycle.